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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We accept all forms of payments other than cash, including Paypall.

A. We service all cities in the state of Texas.

A. Our response time is very quick. Most of the time it is immediate and we can help you right after.

A. A broken lock can possibly be repaired depending on what the level of damage that is going on inside is. A locksmith can better help you examine the issue and figure out the best method. If there is too much breakage inside, we will advise you to have it replaced to a new lock.

A. Not long at all, in fact, we can have any lock brand installed for you in the same day for as many number of doors.

A. We service all home locks and brands including regular lock combinations, four-digit codes, keyless entries, fingerprint access to master combinations and more.

A. Yes, we offer service for all automobiles locks and keys.

A. It is highly advised to have your locks rekeyed or changed out when you have an individual move out of your home with access to your doors, or when your bolts/locks have not been replaced in a long time and you have been noticing that they are not easily unlocking as they should be as a result. There are many other factors too that will require you to have them rekeyed for higher security protection.

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